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1920 No. 6 Erector Set

Hi folks, Doc here. If you're one of my regular readers you probably know that I'm a big fan of the Type (Style) I period of Gilbert Erector. Type I sets have less variation in the number and style of parts than do later Erector sets, but the girder design - the post-1913 version with raised edge channels and embossed rivet heads - is my favorite from all of Erector history.

Box lid

The box shown in the photo above is characteristic of the unfinished wooden boxes from the larger Type I sets (smaller sets came in cardboard boxes with printed lids). Inside, the wheels, gears, and P59 reversing motor base are attached to a lime green cardboard insert that sits in a shallow wooden tray. A large round hole cut in the front center of the tray and insert fits over the battery powered P58 motor which sits in the bottom of the box, along with the rest of the parts: girders, brackets, axles, plates, and two cardboard part boxes containing screws, nuts, and other small parts.

Wooden tray and cardboard insert, with motor and reversing base

Tray removed, showing the rest of the parts

P58 Electric Motor  P59 Reversing Base