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1924 No. 8 Erector Set

Hi all, Doc here. Bob Lian sent in the photos below of his nearly all original No. 8 set from 1924. This set is noteworthy both for its unusually ornate wooden case and its selection of rare special parts. Now, here's Bob to tell you a bit more about it.

"I'm enclosing pictures of my latest acquisition, a 1924 #8 set (with a #10 manual). It's smaller than it looks, without the truck and Trumodel parts the pieces are able to fit in a smaller space than the 1927 #8. It is all original except for the green cardboard insert for the wood display tray. I am also enclosing a scan of the dredger model and from my 1927 #8 set an explanation of the use of the three drum hoist and the cableway model.

Some interesting notes on the 1924 #8 set: The manual has only 26 models for #8 none of which use either the pile driver or clam shell scoop. There are 80 set #10 and special models. There are only 4 models that use the light (2 of those also use the reflector). There are 4 models that use the clam shell scoop, and two that use the pile driver. There are 38 models that use the old type I girders and 2 that use both type I and II girders. I hope to scan more interesting models later including details of the coal loader, the special shoals crane that is the featured model for the #8 set, and my personal favorite the erector skeleton."