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1927 No. 8 Trumodel Erector Set

Hi folks, Doc here. Bob Lian sent in the photos below of his nearly all original No. 8 set from 1927 (only the cardboard gear tray and manual cover are reproductions). This set is yet another of the landmark sets from the Classic Period of Erector production that were designed to build a special model. I have profiled three of the other special model sets - Steam Shovel, White Truck, and Zeppelin - here on G&G previously. This particular set was named the Trumodel set for the new Trumodel parts it contained. These parts, including the 3-drum hoist and tip bucket (both shown below) were used to build the Stiff Leg Derrick model. The next year, 1928, the No. 8 set was still named the Trumodel set, although the box featured the new red and black paint scheme and the parts inventory was significantly different. By 1929, the No. 8 had evolved into something altogether different, the "Trailblazing" Zeppelin set. Thanks, Bob, for sharing this one.