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1934 No. 6 Super Six Erector Set

Hi folks, Doc here. This time, I'm going to show you one of those now infamous A.C. Gilbert "green box" sets, favorites among collectors for the rarity of their box color. This particular set is the No. 6 from 1934, known as the "Super Six." Besides the box color, this Transition Period set has a number of other unique or special features. These include the P56G 110-volt motor, red painted DV disk wheels, red painted MF flat plates, and powder blue metal parts tin with nickel plated lid. Topping it all off - literally - is the red, black and powder blue cardboard parts insert on the underside of the box lid.

Box lid, with "new" yellow label

The set shown in the photos on this page is actually from the latter half of the 1934 production run. It features the new yellow lid label (see above) that would appear on sets into the 1950's; this label replaced the previous version which featured a black background. This set also marks the final appearance of the cardboard parts insert in the lid (see below), as well as the P56G motor (replaced in 1935 by the P51). The DV disk wheels lasted until 1936.

Cardboard parts insert inside box lid

Inside, with upper parts insert, motor, boiler and parts can

P56G Electric Motor