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Restoring a 1933 Erector Super 6 - A Tutorial by Maurice Ruyter

Here are pictures of the early 1933 Super 6 that I recently obtained, and I would like to share the restoration project with you. The set appeared to be in pretty fair condition, the parts were clean and shiny. It had the "How to Make Em Book" and "Look Em Over Book" along with the patent sheet. So far so good.

My next step was to inventory the set per Greenberg's book.
The set was very complete, it even had all the T clips. What a surprise!

My next step was to do some cleaning to the box with a mild cleaner and then to car wax the box.
It came out great! The parts themselves needed no cleaning.

Cleaned and inventoried, I'm now ready to repack the set.

Here is a picture of the 1933 supper six from the "look em over book".

Shown here are upper and lower card board and other packing items used to repack the set.

Here are the upper and lower inserts with parts in place.

Shown in this picture is the motor with the factory assembled gear box motor and packing block.

Motor assembly is placed in the left side of the box.

Screws, bolts and other small parts are placed in the parts can.

Remaining parts were wrapped in paper and placed in the boiler.

Boiler, parts can and packing block are placed in the right side of the box.

Picture of the completed set.