Another Take on Repainting Worn Parts - A Tutorial by Al Shukle

Hi folks, Doc Here. Al takes a page from Michael V.V.'s book to clean up his worn Erector parts. While not meant for a by-the-book restoration project, this technique, just like Michaels's, may be just the thing for saving those seemingly unsalvageable parts when refurbishing a set destined for model building. Read on...

The attached photo shows some of my attempts at restoring some Erector set parts. The upper DP was like the lower one until I used some Noxon 7 Metal Polish followed by NEVR-DULL polish.

The upper E was polished with the same products. The lower E was sanded with 220 grit, primed with Ace Primer 17031, and sprayed with Ace Chrome 17047.

The larger base plate was sanded, primed, and sprayed with Rust-Oleum Aluminum 7715. The smaller base plate is original (and worn). All products available at Ace.

I was quite amazed at what some polish and elbow grease will do. I think the aluminum paint is a pretty good match to the original Erector finish. Your suggestion to use chrome paint really is quite effective to make usable parts out of rust buckets.

The 6½ and 8½ sets I am restoring have mostly old parts in reasonable condition. I am tempted to use the repainted base plates since they look so good.