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Brass Collars Recycled from Old Parts - A Tutorial by Michael VanValkenburg

I'm sure I'm not the only guy with bent, rusted wheels such as these. Usually though, there is one part still good. If you have a lathe [or a friend with one], the hubs make great BH collars. I'm probably not the first to think of this, but I wanted to pass it on. The set screw side goes right in the 3 jaw chuck, the "crimp" on the other side is removed with one pass of the tool, I stop the lathe, the wheel or pulley will slip right off. You can then face to the length you want. I try to space the set screw hole so it is even. Works with all P7's, MH wheels, CJ gears, even the newer sintered ones. The collars work great in place of P37's, if you use a headless set screw, it's a nice clean hub. My lathe is an old 14" La blonde, from before the quick change gear box time, but it's still accurate enough to do this. Works for me...