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Merkur Model Designs

Hi folks, Doc here, with a treat for all of the model enthusiasts out there, especially you Merkur builders. As all model builders know, once we have exhausted the designs in our instruction manuals, we're looking for new and bigger model ideas. As I have discussed elsewhere here on Girders & Gears (and as many of you Merkur fans already know), the documentation in the current Merkur line is fairly sparse when it comes to model design ideas and building help. So, if you happen to be running out of models to build and can't think of what to do next, check out the images below for some cool new ideas. If you see anything that you like, hop over to my Download Center where you can download larger versions of each model shown below, many of which include parts lists and/or detail drawings and other illustrations.

The image above right is here just to show you what a Merkur version of an Erector "Special Model" looks like, and because it is, in my opinion, one of the coolest model designs I have ever laid eyes on. If you want to build this one, you'd better either own LOTS of Merkur sets (example: it uses 8 pairs of rubber treads, and no Merkur set includes more than one pair!), OR you can now purchase a set designed to build this very model. Click HERE to learn more...