The Model Gallery

To view color photos of models built from different construction systems, click on a model name in the table below. indicates that video of that model is available on G&G TV - click on the icon to go there. indicates that a building tip for that model is included in the model pictorial. Additional models will be added to the page as you folks SEND IN YOUR PHOTOS.** And, be sure to look for our COMPLETE MODEL pictorials. These extra-special model profiles will feature photos of the set used to build the model, the instruction manual cover, the model instruction pages from the manual, as well as in-progress and completed model photos, construction tips, and special model parts. Look for the icon in the table below.

  Models Built by Doc

  Models Built by Our Readers

**Do you have a favorite model of your own?
Email your photos and a brief description of your project, and we'll post them here! Note: We reserve the right to alter images and text to fit our format, and all submissions become the property of Girders & Gears®. Read our full Disclaimer/Privacy Policy. Email your photos to: