A.J. Andrews' Erector Vintage Wrecker and Tow Car

A.J. writes: "Attached are pictures of my Erector Vintage Wrecker with a Tow Car. This one was built with my 8½ complete Erector set plus spare parts purchased on eBay. The truck is detailed and has operating features. Operating headlights and red emergency light on top. Front wheels steer and work thru the steering wheel. Moveable gearshift lever inside the cab. Operating tow boom cable with ratcheting crank that locks in any position. Tail lights with red lenses. Mud flaps on the rear. Pennsylvania license plates on the front and rear. Spare tow chains hanging from the rear of the cab. Truck bed has a yellow tool box with a searchlight on top. Wheels have simulated lug nuts which make them look more real. And of course the Erector flag on top. Every wrecker needs something to tow. The tow car was created out of left over parts. Made it to look like a old vintage car. It features license plates front and rear as well as rolling wheels, simulated headlights and spare tire. Both pieces took many hours to build and add detailing features."