Bob Brown's Erector-Built Rocket Ride

Bob writes: "Hi everyone, I started building erector models at age 7 yrs old, still building Erector models at age 80 year old! Here is my latest working model I dreamed up. I call it the New Rocket Erector Ride. For the drive system, I used groovy ouchless womens' headbands for belt drive. You can cut them to any size and glue together. They work great! I stacked three drive belt sets on each pulley reel belt sets making it easier to replace a drive belt should it break. From what I can see they stretch well and last hour after hour with no problem. I used straight rods from the model airplane shops for drive rods cut to length. I did not use any couplings as they would be in the way and could produce lost motion in the working model. The main purpose is to have the BT main bearings supports rotate smooth with out friction from the rotating rockets halfs . The main shaft is locked while the rockets rotate .One rocket side has the crown gear controlling the rpm of the rocket set while the other side rocket set has the pinion gear controlling the rpm of same .Each rocket set rotate opposite of each other."