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Dave Ware's Gilbert Erector Amazing Musical Ferris Wheel

Dave writes: "This is my "musical" ferris wheel, but it makes music in a different way. The wheel has an inside track on which a car rides by gravity as the wheel turns. A gear arrangement in the car spins a pierced disk with sheve pulleys tied to it. These strike the MH disk wheels hung around the ferris wheel resulting in "music." The older disk wheels have the best tone.

To accomodate the inner track, the basket had to be hung entirely above the wheel. This also meant that the wheel had to be set higher. Thus the different method of handing them.


A commutator obtained from Brian Johnson allowed me to add flashing lights. The mounting hole of Radio Shack bulb holders (272-359 or 272-360) were drilled out to fit the Erector screws".