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Doc's Eitech C32 Heavy Truck

Hi folks, Doc here. This is the feature model from the No. C32 Heavy Truck set from Eitech. This was one of the larger sets in the Eitech product line at the time (2012), each of which was housed in a plastic carrying case - see photo at right. (This set is no longer in production, but it may be available on the secondary market if you're interested).

The finished model is a big one, measuring 20" long by 8" wide by 8" tall, and weighing in at over 7 pounds. It makes a beautiful display piece that has many nice features, including hinged doors and tailgate, working rear suspension, and steerable front wheels. It could easily be adapted to accommodate a motor to drive the rear wheels. As shown in the first four photos below, the default truck bed set up is a short stake configuration. The photos below these show the chassis with cab and bed removed. It could readily be purposed in multiple ways to produce a variety of different truck models.