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Hylton Smith's Meccano Duesenberg Concepts

Hylton writes: "I have always liked old cars. They make a fine subject to work on. I chose a Duesenberg town car from my collection of die cast models as an idea and did not intend it to be an exact look a like. When the towncar was finished I decided to do another specimen in the form of a sports coupe. The sports car is powered by a 12v Meccano PDU under the bonnet, three speed gearbox, clutch and differential and steering gear. Both doors opened. The town car did not have any mechanics other than a steering gear. These two models are my own creation. Both had interior trim in the form of seats and dashboard features. The wheels on the sports car are rare four inch dia. plastic wheels much sought after by Meccano collectors. The town sedan has the normal three inch Meccano wheels and rubber tyres. Hope you like these two models, they may inspire other model builders to do something on the same lines!"