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Jim Boyce's 8-Chute Parachute Jump Tower

Jim writes: "I always wondered whether the parachute jump could be expanded to EIGHT parachutes. It can. Fitting the eight pulley assemblies to the top of the boiler was the extremely difficult part taking about two weeks (arthritic fingers). No wooden base available so I used several MN base plates and DP angle girders. I also braced it differently since the original bracing had a tendency to twist. Also of interest, I couldn't find any string to use (most strings including Erector string were too heavy) - I wound up using sewing thread. I also used paper clips under each chute to adjust the rate of fall."

8-Chute Parachute Jump Tower
Jim's 8-chute version of the Parachute Jump Model (left) and the original 4-chute version it is based on (right).

8-Chute Parachute Jump Tower Detail
Detail of the pulley and strut assemblies at the top of the tower.