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Joe Muscanere's Steam-Powered Erector Ferris Wheel

Joe writes: "Hi Doc. I have some still photos of my Erector 'Mustang' Ferris Wheel for your gallery. Parts used were mostly pre-war parts with the plastic carousel horses coming from early 1950's 10½ sets. Early Erector logo on board was printed by me from a file from A.C. Gilber Heritage Society website. Pulleys on one side are driven by an Erector electric motor using Jensen spring belts and the other side has pulleys for my Jensen Steam Engines. When running on live steam, I keep the electric motor belt on the pulley to add a load which helps control the speed. Never built an Erector carousel but have thought for years about incorporating the horses into a Ferris Wheel. What kid would not have wanted to ride in a Ferris Wheel carriage with giant horses on each side!"