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Larry Worley's Erector Giant Ferris Wheel

Larry writes: "Over the Christmas holidays we had some house guests who wanted to see the Ferris Wheel work. It was broken at the time and that was a little embarrassing. Well, I set out to fix it. While I was at that, I decided to keep the two motors, but add another drive axle. That makes the whole thing turn better now. I styled my Ferris Wheel after Bill Bean's beautiful model. This one is chain driven and seldom has any problems. It is powered by two A49 engines.

Then I decided to add some lights. After a little experimentation, I figured out a way to do it. I used a plastic blank from inside my blank CDs and attached a metal ring. It installed easily and wasn't hard to adjust. I made the contact arm from Fiber Strips attached to a piece of spring steel. It burns all the bulbs via a 6 volt battery hidden under the control house. I simply move the contact arm off the metal wheel and it can sit until the next time I want to run the lights."