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Pavel Jiránek's Motorized Merkur Truck

Pavel writes: "This is my truck, made from parts of MERKUR Construction Set 8 by manual handbook from MERKUR 340 with some differents. My truck has 4 rear wheels drive, front wheels are steereable. Truck is longer than original model because I need more space for electric engine. You can see details on the pictures. Sorry for my English - I am from Czech Republic and my English is not so good :o). Truck was made after Christmas 2004."

Doc's Note: As the photos below will attest, Pavel has incorporated some very nice engineering touches into his model. For example, a crank located at the rear of the chassis uses a worm/gear wheel combination to raise and lower the bed. In addition, the multi-level drive train utilizes two pairs of universal couplings, a gear wheel pair, and a bevel gear pair to transfer the power from the motor (mounted between the frame rails just behind the cab) to the rear wheels.