Phil Woolfson's Erector TV-1000 Robot

Phil writes: "This is Rusty – a TV-1000 robot. Yep, he watches TV. Made from roughly 1200 parts and fasteners, (a few fasteners are new) and mostly type 2 parts from the mid 50s, except for a type 3 base for a chest plate and a couple of type 3 structural bits inside. Rusty is fully articulated, though not motorized. He stands five and one half feet tall. Note all the rounded arm and leg ends, and the hand curved girders used to box them out. Entirely my own design, I spent 3 months crafting Rusty from a variety of sets I got online too incomplete to restore, as well as some bulk girder purchases. Curving all the parts to box all the rounds was the most time consuming part. Some of the parts I had polished, some not. I wanted that sense of time as an element. It sometime seems that his head turns to watch you... I had a 12 1/2 (‘58) when I was 2 years old. 52 years later, I wanted to get my hands on an Erector set again. I have a complete and boxed 7 1/2, and a ready to restore 10 1/2. I am a cabinetmaker/machinist by trade. "