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Doc's Exacto-Built Radial Crane

Hi folks, Doc here. This is the first model in what will be my new series of crane designs built with the Exacto Crane and Helicopter Set. The radial crane is a type of crane I'd not seen before. In general form it looks much like a typical rail-mounted "straddle" type shipyard crane, which move back and forth along the length of a dockside loading platform above the cargo they are designed to lift. Unlike those cranes, however, the radial crane has one leg fixed in place. The horizontal boom and the hoist assembly it carries pivots on top of the fixed leg. The other leg has wheels on its foot like the straddle type shipyard cranes. The resulting motion of the crane is shown in the last three photos on this page. The lifting hoist is powered by the set's motor, while the entire hoist assembly is moved back and forth along the horizontal boom via a manually operated crank.