Doc's Gilbert Erector Texas Tower Science Station

Hi folks, Doc here. This model is my version of the Erector "Texas Tower." It combines features from both the Conveyor Set version (an offshore early-warning radar platform) and the Master Builder version (an offshore oil drilling platform), along with a handful of my own modifications.

I found the oil-drilling model to be a bit boring, but I liked the plate girder legs. I used these in combination with the triangular platform idea from the radar version. The platform in my model is constructed from 3 MN base plates bolted into an equilateral triangle. The center of the platform is floored with 1 MD base plate and several ME and MF base plates. The sides of the platform are constructed using DP and MO angle girders and MF base plates. The MO angle girders are bolted to platform legs constructed from EX big channel girders.

The platform superstructure consists of 2 antenna masts, a control shed, a rotating crane for hoisting equipment and supplies onto and off of the platform, and a motor-driven rotating radar dish. I added a "guardrail" made from FA screws and string around the perimeter of the platform to keep scientists and workers from falling into the ocean.