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No 8½ "All Electric" Erector Set Lid Label - An Anomaly?

Hi folks, Doc here. Here's another blast from the past, an item that originally came in back arounnd 2003 from contributor Maurice Ruyter. It's a photo of a 1938(?) 8½ set inside box label. What's unusual about the label is that a P51 motor is pictured with the ferris wheel, but the border touts the "All Electric Set, Electric Lights, etc.". The lighting parts weren't added to sets until 1938 when the A49 motor was added and the P51 motor dropped. The P51 motor sets never had electric lights.

Inside lid label with the words "Electric Lights - Reversing Electric Engine - Electric Hoist" printed in the bottom border

Maurice surmised (probably correctly) that Gilbert used up some left over 1937 8½ labels with the P51 motor pictured and simply added the border graphics until the old stock was used up. The later replacement label showing the A49 motor in place of the P51 motor is shown below. If you can shed any additional light on this apparent Erector "anomaly", write in and let us know.

Later replacement inside lid label showing the A49 motor in place of the P51 motor