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Merkur-Built "Panther" Fire Vehicle

Hi folks, Doc here. I ran across this very cool Merkur design experiment while checking out some Czech-based Merkur sites. (No, I can't read the language, but I use a translator program to help me get the main points). A Prague design firm called Image Studio attempted to recreate a European "Panther" airport fire fighting vehicle using the Merkur construction system. Their results, which they call "FIRETECH Design", are shown below (see the original site here). I'm going to take a crack at this model myself soon, and I thought that some of you other Merkur fans out there might want to do the same. Although, whether your finished model turns out to be all red, as this one is, or a combination of colors, will depend on what set(s) you have!

The real thing

The Merkur version



A version by Corgi Toys

The fire vehicle designs and images shown on this page are © Dalibor Feuereisl.