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Bill Bryson's Merkur Motorized Eccentric Press

Bill writes: "This is the Merkur Classic C01 Eccentric Press. I did some researching on the internet and found a Chez Old Timer press that is typical of these presses (I've included the picture). They have a upper Gearing system that torques the press down and evidently a tremendous pressure is used to press and form the larger metal pieces. This is a working model and I followed the plan in the C01 Classic manual. The only deviation I made was the back ROUND supports would not fit properly as defined in the drawing so I added a bit of flaring. The other exception was the LOWER front piece. It was specified as a 3 X 5 plate. Well, the classic C01 set does NOT have such a plate in the kit so I made a 3 X 5 plate out of two 3 X 2s' and one 3 X 1.

The model took around 10 hours to construct and tune. I added 1 nut spacers on the front vertical span strips. This insured the triangular piece to float in keyed fashion up and down with the lever action. This was a fabulous model to build. The Eccentric Press is a very satisfying model to build!

I motorized the C01 Classic Drilling Press with the Merkur 2.2 Motor set that I got in last week. As I become more familiar with the Motor set I am getting better at mounting the motor. This motor was a snap to install on the Drilling Press as it is hole aligned to Merkur standards. I choose to mount it with a STRAP on the bottom flange with U shaped reinforcement on the top. To insure It all stayed in place I put a EXTERIOR U shaped mount between the supports. It resulted in a STRONG mount that I probably use in future motor installations. The motor realistically drives the Drilling Press with TWO geared speeds. All you have to do to change speed is move the motor shaft in or out by 1/4 inch. It is really a well designed motor and I like it a lot."