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Bill Bryson's Merkur Galloping Goose

Bill writes: "The famed Galloping Goose is rendered by the Merkur Cross Express kit. This version mocks the goose with flamboyant wings that flow from its upper rear carriage. The Galloping Goose was a name given to a series of seven railcars built by the Rio Grande Southern Railway System. The Galloping Goose had a pronounced bus like appearance which was probably the reason a colorful name was christened to the railcar. This is a fine model and was the most fun for me to build of all the models in the Cross Express Kit. The only thing that was varied from the excellent plans was I decided to raise each of the wheel mounts with nut spacers on the underside of the carriage. This allows the 8 wheels to turn freely. If you want to read about the real goose, Wikipedia has it covered."