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Bill Bryson's Merkur Weaving Loom

Bill writes: "This is a Merkur model of a Weaving Loom from the Classic C01 set. I built it from the picture in the Classic C01 construction manual and believe it is accurate to the diagram provided. To properly construct this model I did about 8 hours of research on the Internet and studied various kinds of looms. I hit pay dirt when I looked up TKALCOVSKY STAV on Google. This is the Czech wording for weavers loom. Filtering through several hundred pictures I found one that most resembled the model in the Classic Set.

I incorporated the string layout to best fit the loom from which this model is based. I have provided pictures of the Classic diagram and as well the Czech Loom from a Czech web site I found. From the detailed pictures I took of my model you should easily be able to figure out the working mechanism and how it compares to a actual loom. This was a great model and fun to research.