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Bill Bryson's Merkur Airplane

Bill writes: "This one took me around 4 days to build. It is a substantial model and I believe the M4 kit was built around this model of a AIRPLANE as it uses most of the parts in the kit. The airplane is quite large and well designed. The only variation I made in design was I put equidistance spacing on the tail section so as to allow it to run true to the wings. They designed it to slope in with the tail chassis. I didn't like the appearance of this approach so I spent some time redesigning the tail section. I also changed up on some of the smaller bolts as I ran out towards the end so some of the chassis bolts were the medium ones instead of the smaller ones specified. I did find one mistake in the engine cowling parts specification (drawing #3). They forgot to include part #2041. That was a minor error and otherwise it was a wonderful build. Generally I tear them down right away, but I've decided to put this one on permanent display for a month because it turned out so well. This AIRPLANE is a fine looking HEAVY model and worth the purchase of a M4 BIG SET kit alone. Anyone who enjoys metal construction will find this model an exceptional joy to build."