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Bruce Hansen's 1913 No. 1 Erector Models

Bruce writes: "Here are a few models from a 1913 No. 1 set. Gilbert introduced Erector in 1913. A number of the parts are unique to that year making them scarce. The girders had the edges flanged with a single bend and no simulated rivets (like on the 1914 - 1923 girders). The pulleys were in pieces and were snapped together. There were steel tires which were placed between the pulley halves during assembly to make small wheels. These parts are shown below, along with the first model, a pull cart.


Next are a luggage cart and a wagon:


And lastly, a couple of playground models of a teeter totter and a swing set:


Since the 1913 sets are 90 years old, they are hard to come by. Here are a few pictures of my 1913 #1 set: