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Bruce Hansen's "5 in 1" Road Construction Models

Bruce writes: "These are the five road construction models built from a "5 in 1 Road Building Equipment" set. These sets came out in 1964. No motor is used in these models. They are all about 1 foot long.

The first model is an Excavator. The action in the Excavator model is a rotating cab, tracks for moving, crank for raising/lowering the bucket, crank for raising/lowering the boom and a string pulled to open/close the bucket.


The second model is a Road Roller. The action in the Road Roller is a steerable front roller using the steering wheel as the control. The photos don't show it but there's a pulley attached to the steering wheel axle under the chassis that's tied to the front roller axle with string.


The third model is a Bulldozer. The action in the Bulldozer is a manually raised/lowered front blade and a rolling chassis on the treads.


The fourth model is a dump truck. The action in the Dump Truck is a rolling chassis with a hand crank powered dump box.


The fifth and last model is a Mobile Crane. The action in this model is a rolling chassis, rotating cab, crank for raising/lowering the boom and a crank for raising/lowering the ball hook."