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Bruce Hansen's Cape Canaveral Set Models

Bruce writes: "The last year of Type II Erector sets was 1962. Gilbert attempted to market them as a space-age toy. A number of new models were developed for 1962; these are the two from the Cape Canaveral Set. This was the new name for the Action/Automatic Conveyor set which in turn was the old 7½ set.

The first model is the Cherry Picker (shown with the arm in the full up position). The box in the background is from a 1962 Astronaut Set (old 10½ set) used to build the model. The basket over the driver's seat moves up/down in this model. The up/down action of the elbowed arm is done with a crank setup on the motor which bears against the bottom arm. The basket for the operator pivots on an axle and cycles from its highest to lowest positions in about 5 seconds.


The other Cape Canaveral new model was the Rocket Gantry. The rocket in the picture is not part of the model proper; I threw it in to better show off the tower. The instructions for the model encouraged the builder to make one from cardboard tubes. The gantry moves up to the rocket to allow astronauts and technicians access. It moves back out of the way prior to lift off. There is a crank at the base to raise/lower an elevator made from (2) MC base plates. The tower tracks on (2) MN base plates with (4) P7 pulleys. The motor drives a pair of Z flanged pulleys which pulls the string and moves the tower."