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Bruce Hansen's Type III Drag Dredge

Bruce writes: "This model is a Drag Dredge built from a type III Senior Powerline set. The Powerline sets were Gabriel/Gilbert sets sold by Sears in 1969 - 74. The action includes a rolling chassis with a manually rotated crane cab. A P24 crank raises/lowers the dredge bucket. The Powermatic motor and hoist unit raises/lowers the crane boom and tilts the dredge bucket.

Here's a shot of the chassis. The fluorescent green object in the back is a 25 ft. tape measure I used to balance out the model.

The Drag Dredge works fairly well, but takes some practice. You use the motor/hoist is to drop the boom down and hand crank the bucket up. Then start to raise the boom while you lower the bucket trying to keep it parallel to the ground (essentially drag the bucket toward you). To finish the scoop, flip the hoist to drum B to tilt the bucket up.


The finished model stands over 2 ft. tall and is over 2 ft. long. It's a good example of what you can build with cheap type III parts. These sets typically go for under $40 on eBay. As always, Wagners is the place to fill your inventory if parts are missing."