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Bruce Hansen's Junior Erector Models

Bruce writes: "These are a few models built with a Junior Erector #4 set. The parts were primarily made from plastic. The sets were sold from 1949 - 1955 and came in three sizes: #2, #4 and #10. The toy didn't change much through the years: the inserts changed from wood grained to silver in 1953. The manuals changed about the same time from a blueprint with a single letter indicating the tube color in the models to a color coded manual. Also, the color of the rubber used in the tires and lock (like a P37) changed from white to gray.

Here's a picture of my #2 and #4 sets:


The first model is a Ferris Wheel:

The parts were assembled by pressing a tube onto the pin of a connector hub. The connector hubs also became wheels when a rubber tire was slipped over the hub. The tires had a groove in the middle making the pulleys also. The resemblance to TinkerToys is obvious. The next model is a Derrick:

There were bearings that had a split hole for pressing onto the pin of a hub. The other end of the bearing had a hole for passing a tube through. Tube or axles were kept in place with a rubber lock the shape of a "C". The locks served the same purpose as a P37 collar. The next model is a Tank:

Most of these sets show up with maybe the outer box but very rarely are the inserts there. After building a few models, I understand why. The parts are much more accessible when not in the insert. The last model is the featured one, a Dutch Windmill:"