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Bruce Hansen's Erector Electromagnet Loader

Bruce writes: "This model is the Floating Crane built from a 1962 Lunar Drilling Rig Set (8½ set). The action in this model is a crane boom that moves in/out from the model base and a block & tackle that raises/lowers a load.


The completed model stands over 30 inches tall and is over 30 inches long with the boom fully extended.


The model uses a gear box constructed of MC baseplates, a pair of CJ 36 tooth gears, (3) P13 12 tooth pinion gears, axles, various strips for levers/linkages and an AE spring to hold the shift lever in position. The CJ gears are idlers; they attached to the bottom of the strip levers with 1/2 inch screws and are not directly attached to axles.

The P13 between the (2) CJ's is driven by the A49 motor. The axles driving the block & tackle drum (2 Z flanged wheels and a W stack) and boom are attached to the P13s above each CJ. When the gear shift lever is moved, the strip linkage arrangement pivots on the P13 axle shafts and moves the appropriate CJ idler gear in contact with the A49 driven P13 gear.

When the lever is shifted forward, the CJ closest to the base engages with the A49 driven P13 gear. The P13 gear just above the CJ is driven which turns the axle that retracts/extends the boom (depending on the A49 motor's gear shift position). When the lever is released, the AE spring pulls the linkage assembly back to the block & tackle position. An O pawl engages with the boom CJ gear to stop the axle from spinning and extending the boom under its own weight.

The model was pretty simple to build and works well. The boom retracts/extends in about 5 seconds; raising/lowering the block & tackle takes about 30 seconds."