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Bruce Hansen's Erector Lunar Drilling Rig

Bruce writes: "This model is called the Lunar Drilling Rig built from a 1962 set of the same name (previously the 8½ set). The action in this model is a rotating drill in the base (P12 crown gear) and a rotating antenna (everything above the boiler). The drill/antenna rotate at about 60 RPMs. The Lunar Drilling Rig Set box is in the background.

1962 was the last year of traditional Erector. Gilbert attempted to freshen up the line by coming up with a number of Space models. The description in the manual says "a vehicle like this model may in the near future drill lunar core samples, analyze them and send the data back to Earth". The model stands about 28" high and 28" wide. The base is made from a pair of MN baseplates circled by (8) E 5" curved girders and (8) MF 1" x 5& plates. The legs are DP/MO angle girders and MH 3" wheels.

The motor is mounted to an MD baseplate which is in turn set on its side. The model uses the shiftable shaft on the gearbox to drive the drill and antenna. The motor shafts are extended with a P15 coupling on each side. The boiler has a typical BN turret plate treatment on each end with a BT pierced disc attached to each BN. The BTs are screwed to the motor shaft allowing the boiler to turn with the antenna.

The antenna is made from MD/MY/MC baseplates, BE 6" angle girders, a number of C 10" girders, BN turret plates, a boiler top and a few other girders/axles/gears. A BT pierced disc is attached to the bottom of the MD antenna base which is in turn screwed to the motor shaft driving the model. Here's a shot from above, or as Gilbert might have put it, an Earth-wise view. This large model was relatively easy to build and works well."