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Bruce Hansen's Erector Mast Oil Drilling Rig

Bruce writes: "This model is the 'Mast Oil Drilling Rig' built from a 1960 12½ set. The model could be built with a 10½ set with the addition of an AQ sheave pulley, a P7 pulley (substituted for an NX tread pulley) and a few BE/DP angle girders. The action in this model is raising/lowering of the drilling rig mast and raising/lowering of the drill.


The finished model stands about 42 inches tall. The A49 motor is set to motor setup #10 with just one side used with a drum made from Z flanged pulleys and a W stack. The drum string wraps back and forth through a block and tackle arrangement; three AQ pulleys on the top pair of MV flat car trucks and (2) AQs in the bottom MVs.


The upper 'block' is fixed to the boom with a 2 1/8" axle. The bottom 'tackle' has a hook on the bottom which is hooked to an H 11 hole strip. The ends of the strip have string attached. This string loops down around a pair of P7 pulleys at the bottom of the boom and back up to a swinging framework of DP angle girders. In the photo below left, I've manually lifted the mast to make the lifting framework more visible. The lifting frame has pulleys at the top which ride on a track of DP angle girders attached to the mast. As the string is wound around the motor's drum, the lower tackle is pulled up which in turn pulls the swinging frame up lifting the oil mast. Time to move the boom from lowest to highest position is about 30 seconds.


The mast is topped off with an NX tread pulley. A piece of string is tied to the lower tackle, looped up and over the NX and down to a platform made from a pair of ME flat plates. To raise and lower the drill, slip the hook off the H strip and onto the O pawl screwed to the top of the drill (DA 10 inch axle in this case)."