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Bruce Hansen's Military 5 in 1 Models

Bruce writes: "I don't know when the sets came out (my manual is copyrighted 1964) but Gilbert in the 1960s introduced three '5 in 1 Constructor' sets. The themes were Military, Construction and Car/Truck models. Shown below are the five Military models from that particular set. None of the models are motorized and the action is manually rotating turrets, wheels and treads.

One interesting thing about these sets is the lack of existing Erector parts. The wheels/tires are Type III Erector, as are the P1 (CH in type II) right angles, screws and 6" axles. All other plastic and steel parts were unique to the '5 in 1' sets.

The first model is called the Mobile Howitzer:


Next is the Munitions Transport:


Here is the Armored Car:


Here's a nice model of a Tank:


Lastly, the Jeep:"