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Bruce Hansen's Type III Mobile Crane

Bruce writes: "This model is called the Mobile Crane from a 1960s era Type III Powerline set. The action in this model is raising/lowering a load with a block and tackle and raising/lowering the crane boom. The cab can be rotated manually around the rolling base.

The model is powered by a 3 volt Powermatic motor. The motor has an integral gearbox providing three different speeds/torques. The motor is powered by a 3V D cell battery pack with a polarity reversing switch to change motor direction. The motor drives a red plastic hoist unit via a coupling. The hoist unit is similar in concept to the motor setup #10 for the A49 motors.

The model was fairly simple to build, accept for the fact I'm not very fluent in the part numbers of type III parts. What the heck is a "34" girder or an "878" coupling? Type III sets did carry over a few type II parts; like P7 pulleys, BT pierced disc, G 7 hole strip, P15 coupling, etc.

The Type III sets aren't nearly as desirable as a collectible, but they are cheap and actually aren't too bad to build with. Not that I'm going to dump any 12½'s or 10½'s in favor of Type III stuff!