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Bruce Hansen's Gilbert Modern Skyscraper

Bruce writes: "This model is a Modern Skyscraper, the premiere model of the 1935-37 'S' Skyscraper Set. The model stands about 3 feet tall, is 1½ feet wide and 1 foot deep.


In 1935 Gilbert introduced cardboard building panels to sets 3½ - 9½. They were available in regular sets only in that year making them somewhat scarce (and pricey). Gilbert also offered a specific Skyscraper Set in 1935-37 that included (64) building panels (regular sets had only 14), snap rivets, screws/nuts, a large assortment of angle girders, 21 hole strips, screwdriver and wrench. In 1937, an accessory set SA with just the snap rivets, rivet extractor and building panels was offered.


There's nothing too difficult about the construction, just lots of DP angle girders and many, many screws and nuts. Look for some more models in the future combining the building panels and regular Erector parts (an elevator anyone)?"