Bruce Hansen's Octopus Amusement Park Ride

Bruce writes: "This is a model of the "Octopus" Amusement Park ride. The action in it is rotating legs that also move up/down. It's built from a 1960 12½ set with some extra parts (MC baseplates, M small double angles, E curved girders, MV flat car trucks, MY base plates).

The drive is similar to the Satellite Tracker model built by Dr. Prune. A vertical shaft from the motor passes through an OH 72 tooth gear. The vertical shaft is attached to a P24 crank which serves as a crankshaft to pull the "legs" up/down as the motor turns. A CR turrent plate sits on top of the P24 and is connected to the legs with G 7 hole strips. The CR is not screwed to the P24. As the P24 turns, the CR moves in a circle pulling the legs up and down. Rubber bands run from the legs to the top axle/Erector flag to take a little strain off the motor. A flex coupling drives a P13 gear which engages with the OH gear turning the whole assembly around the base.


The legs are made from doubled up E 5" curved girders held together with M double angles. The seats are a pair of MC baseplates with MV flat car trucks on the sides. The model rotates at about 4 rpm's and the legs go up/down about 12" around 20 times a minute.

The biggest problem was gears slipping on the axles. I fixed that issue by substituting type III axles (which have a flat on them). I filed a flat on the P24 crank for the P15 coupling to get a better grip."