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Bruce Hansen's No. 10 Erector Portable Revolving Crane

Bruce writes: "OK, one No. 10 model under my belt. Now on to the Portable Crane. Frankly, no way, no how this model will work as drawn. The concept is similar to the traveling coaler; twin C girder rails with a trolley supporting the bucket. However, the trolley’s Z flanged wheels will hit the truss structure on the outside of the C girder beams if built as drawn. Maybe Gilbert intended a twin-rail system, hard to tell from the manual instructions, but that was my solution. Small double angles (part no. M) were used to make double C girder rails on each side rail.

The revolving feature of this model is accomplished through a part no. AY bull ring. The crane structure is attached to the top of the bull ring. A central axle through the bull ring pivots on a BT pierced disk which is screwed to the base. A P24 crank is used to rotate the AY on the upper platform of the base. Frankly, I didn’t have much success using friction alone to rotate the crane as the string just slipped on the AY’s string groove. My fix was to knot the string solidly to the bull ring. That meant the model couldn’t rotate more than about 300 degrees, but it did get it to function properly. OK, another model done and time to play! The action is the same as the traveling coaler model as the ED is used to move the trolley back and forth, plus raise/lower open/close the BM clam shell bucket."

Stringing of the hoist (shown below): Green string controls opening and closing the bucket, Blue string raises and lowers the bucket. The White string is used to move the trolley back and forth on the crane’s rails.