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Bruce Hansen's Radar Scope/Scanner Set Models

Bruce writes: "The Radar Scope/Scanner Sets are essentially 4½ sets; the smallest sets to have a motor. Here are a number of models featuring the 3 volt DC3 motor. The first one is the Radar Scope/Scanner (depending on the year of the set):


The antenna turns about 3 revs./second. The next one is a Windmill. The blades turn about 2 times/second.


Next are a series of transportation models. The first one is the Airplane. The batteries are mounted on the wing struts; the motor drives the MH wheels and the propellor.


Next is a Pickup Truck model. The model runs in a 5 ft. diameter circle at about 2 inches/second.


The other motorized truck model pictured is the Flat Truck. This one goes in a straight line at about 3 inches/second.


There are a number of power tools pictured in the manual. Here are the Bandsaw, Drill Press, and Jigsaw. The bandsaw and jigsaw blades are string, the models were all driven by rubber bands on the pulleys. Nothing difficult with the construction; this was a good beginner's set."