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Bruce Hansen's Type III Ship Loading Crane

Bruce writes: "This model is a Ship Loading Crane built from a 1960s type III Powerline set. The action in this model is raising/lowering a load through a motorized block & tackle and raising/lowering the crane boom.

The 3V powermatic motor wasn't able to raise the boom without a counterweight; I used a tape measure. The boom took about 3 seconds to fully raise/lower. The block & tackle around 60 seconds to fully raise/lower. Power is provided by a 3V powermatic battery motor driving a hoist unit.

The model was pretty simple to build; an MW nut holder would help out a lot in a few places.


This is one of the featured models of the mid-60s sets; not your grandfather's Zeppelin set. However, decent sets are available for $10-$20 on eBay and do give a taste of Erector building. Plus I don't mind my 5 year old son bending the girders quite so much."