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Bruce Hansen's Gilbert Skyscraper Models

Bruce writes: "In 1935 Gilbert added 'Erector Building Sections' or more commonly known as 'Skyscraper parts' to all sets. The inventory included (14) cardboard panels 3" x 6" or 6" x 6", (36) snap rivets and a rivet extractor. The cardboard panels are printed on both sides; brick construction on one side, cement on the other. The 1935 manuals also included ideas for (12) different models and a 'teaser' picture of the Erector skyscraper (3 ft. tall x 2 ft. wide x 1 ft. deep) built with the No. S or SA set (which included over (60) building sections). The parts/models here are from a 1935 8 1/2 set. The skyscraper parts were included in regular sets only in 1935 and were available in 1936/7 only as specific skyscraper sets making them somewhat rare.

Here is the '3 Story Apartment House - Brick Construction' front, rear and inside views:


From the inside view, you can see the framework used for the building construction. Typically MO, BE, DP or a combination of the three different angle girders run vertically in the corners. Snap rivets and/or screws/nuts hold the cardboard panels to the angle girders. The roof panels are 6" square; side panels are 6" wide which gives some idea of the finished sizes of these models.

Below are the other (11) models shown in the 1935 8 1/2 set manual. Nothing difficult about the construction; cement construction panels generally have the angle girders on the outside of the cardboard panels while the brick construction is shown with the girders on the inside."