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Bruce Hansen's Erector Toybuilder Models

Bruce writes: "These are a few models from a 1919 Toy Builder set. There's not a lot of published information on the smallest Erector sets, but Gilbert did produce sets numbered #0, #00 and #000. The Toy Builder is a #000 sized set. There were no girders in this particular set, just some right angles, small baseplate, washers, strips and nuts/screws.

The first model is a Baggage cart:

Next is an Irish Mail. There is no 'action' for pulling the drive lever to make the wheels go. The front axle does pivot however.

Here's a Rickshaw. The large P29 type I washers (7/8" diameter) serve as wheels. The screws and nuts are left loose.

Next is a Wheelchair:

Lastly, a Wheelbarrow:

The Toy Builder sets were probably not big sellers. They sold for $0.25 in 1919 according to a Dealer Catalog copy I have. Regardless, it does have a colorful box and is a rare piece of Erector history."