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Bruce Hansen's Tread-Driven Erector Models

Bruce writes: "Here are 3 different models using the NW treads and NX tread pulleys. The models are pictured in the 1960 Master Builder manual. The first one is called the "Tractor."


Here's a shot of the chassis showing what makes it go. A 4" axle with (2) CJ 36 tooth gears is placed in the middle up/down holes of the gearbox. A CZ 7" axle with a P13 gear engages with the CJ gears to drive the model.


The tractor can run forward and reverse. The motor shift lever is extended up through the model with a P15 coupling and S62 screw.

The second tread model is the Snowplow:


The third model is the Bulldozer:


I'm kind of cheating calling these three different models; the Snowplow and Bulldozer are simply add-ons to the front of the Tractor model. Regardless, all work well and are simple to build. This Light Tank was built from a 1960 Amusement Park set with the addition of the NW tread and NX tread pulleys. The model is pictured in the Master Builder manual for 12½ sets."