Bruce Hansen's Type III Erector Derrick

Bruce writes: "This model is an '8 Wheel Outrigger Derrick' built from a 1974 Master Powerline set. The action in this model is raising/lower the boom and block & tackle via a Powermatic motor and hoist. A second Powermatic motor mounted under the chassis is used to move forward/backward. The whole cab rotates about the base.


The motors are each driven by their own power sources; transformer for the hoist motor, battery case for the drive motor.

I varied from the plans by substituting a second Powermatic motor for the pictured DC-3 motor. The DC-3 motor would not have had a chance at moving the over 6 lbs. model.

Overall, the model works well. With fresh batteries, it moves along at about 5 feet/minute. The completed model stands 17 inches high and is over 2 feet long."