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Bill Klein's Type I Erector Ferris Wheel

Hi folks, Doc here. Bill is back with another favorite model of mine from the earliest period of Gilbert Erector. The Type I Ferris Wheel shows Gilbert's early interest in amusement park ride models, which would be a popular recurring theme throughout Gilbert Erector history.

If you're not familiar with Type I parts, the first thing you'll probably notice is that the wheel is not round, but is formed from straight girders and takes a hexagonal shape. Curved girders were not introduced until the Classic Period, when all of the Erector parts were redesigned. Of course, the flat Type I girders could be bent into arcs in order to form a wheel, but the results were less than spectacular. Note that Bill's model is powered by a P58 DC motor connected to a variable speed transformer. Once again, if you have enough Type I parts lying around, I recommend that you give this one a try.