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Bob Lian's 1929 Erector Ferris Wheel

Bob writes: "Here is a 1929 No. B set I purchased from Joel Perlin last year. The wheel is 3 feet in diameter and has to be handled carefully while it is being built, although once complete it is a surprisingly sturdy structure. I initially had problems spacing the two support towers the correct distance apart until I came up with the idea of placing each tower on a separate wood board. That made aligning the towers and the wheel easy. I used a P49 motor for propulsion of the model as they are more reliable (and cheaper if they break!) than a more correct P56G motor. Also, I don't care what Gilbert's inventory sheet says, there are not nearly enough !@#$% screws and nuts to finish the model. From past experience I was ready for that problem with extra screws and nuts from Pandy's. This is a very impressive model and with a little 3-in-one oil on the axle will run all day."