Bob Lian's 1929 Erector White Truck

Bob writes: "My Erector story is a lot like yours. I owned a small set when I was a young boy. It had the Mysterious Walking Robot pictured on the set. My friends and I figured if we combined our small sets we could build the robot. Of course we couldn't and interest in the sets eventually waned. I started collecting Technic Lego sets around 1990, but I always thought about my erector set and the Mysterious Walking Robot that I couldn't build. Several years ago I found several sites on the net and I discovered Bill Bean's excellent books and was hooked. This set is one of seven sets I own. It was the first I purchased (from Paul and Nancy at Pandy's - what a nice couple!) I have built the zeppelin, however these pictures are of the set and the White truck I built with this set."