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Doc's Meccano Erector Submarine

Hi folks, Doc here. In a previous feature here at Girders & Gears I wrote about the new Meccano/Brio Special Edition Erector Train Set. Its signature model (shown at right) is the newest locomotive to officially bear the Erector name. As I mentioned in that piece, the set builds six other models in addition to the locomotive. One of these, the submarine, is the subject of this pictorial.

The first Erector submarine I ever saw was the one shown above, from my Amusement Park Set How to Make Em Book. I originally built this model in the late 1950s. It's a simple yet clever design that shows what could be done with a minimal number of parts: it looks like the real thing! Now, over four decades later, comes the next generation of Erector submarine, shown in the photos below. As the photos show, the new version is also a clever design. It makes great use of many of the specially designed parts that comprise much of the Special Edition Train Set. In particular, the two boiler segments and nose piece from the locomotive are used to make the hull, and several of the special flexible plates are used to form a perfect conning tower. The motor powers the propeller, and the battery pack is concealed in the conning tower. The model even features a rotating periscope that raises and lowers!